Gear VR

How do I install the app on Gear VR?

  • Step 1

    • If you have installed the Gear VR system software on your phone correctly, you should see "Oculus" app
    • Click on "Oculus" app
  • Step 2

    • Click on the menu bars or hamburger at top left corner
  • Step 3

    • Click on "Settings" at bottom Left corner
    • Please make sure you are logged in at this stage
  • Step 4

    • Click on "Redeem" Code
  • Step 5

    • Enter in Oculus "Redeem" Code from our website
    • You can Paste the code directly here
    • Click here to obtain Oculus code if you haven't got one
  • Step 6

    • Click "Accept and Install"
    • At this point, the app should be downloading to your phone
    • Once done connect your Gear VR device to the phone
    • Oculus app should start automatically
    • Within Oculus app, locate our Lens GVR in the library
    • By default, the app will launch in Lens portal
    • To change to Velvet portal, please read "How do I launch Velvet on the Samsung Gear VR"

How do i launch Velvet on the Samsung Gear VR?

  • Step 1

    • Click on Settings as shown in the diagram on Left Hand Side (LHS)
  • Step 2

    • Click on the cloud icon
  • Step 3

    • Click on the URL to change the link
    • Set the url to "api.velvet-reality.com"
  • Step 4

    • Click "Set Server"
  • Step 5

    • That's it, Lens will reset itself and you should see Velvet Logo
    • If you don't see the screen, please double check that the url you've entered is "api.velvet-reality.com"